Hospital Care Specialist

If you’ve ever been to the hospital, you know how confusing and frustrating the process can be, especially when it comes to getting regular updates and information. As a trained hospitalist in the Orlando area, Dr. René F. Cruz of Maitland, Florida, will take away that confusion by acting as your advocate in getting you the care you need, every step of the way.


Hospital Care Q & A


What is a hospitalist?

Over the past two decades, the specialization of medicine has increased, almost to the point of confusion. That may leave you wondering who is in charge of your overall care. That is where a good hospitalist steps in to oversee your medical needs. Dr. Cruz is a trained hospitalist who will advocate for you and educate you along the way, ensuring that you understand the steps necessary to address your medical problems. His primary responsibilities in your care are:

Initial diagnosis: If Dr. Cruz is your primary doctor, the odds are that he is the one to diagnose your medical condition.

Treatment recommendations: After diagnosing your problem, Dr. Cruz and his staff will work with you to find the specialist you need.

Hospital care: Once you’ve been hospitalized, Dr. Cruz will oversee your care and coordinate communication between you and the specialists.  

Aftercare: Once you leave the hospital, your aftercare is equally as important to make sure you regain your health. Dr. Cruz and his staff will monitor your progress, ensuring that you meet significant milestones while recovering.

Ultimately, as an internist and hospitalist, Dr. Cruz is your point person in whatever diagnosis you are facing. Thanks to an overall understanding of your health, he can step in to make sure that related concerns are addressed—as well as your primary complaint—and get you back to your daily activities as soon as possible.

What hospitals does Dr. Cruz work with?

Dr. Cruz can and does work out of every hospital in the Orlando area, allowing you the freedom to choose among specialists and hospitals to suit your location and preferences. If you don’t have a preference, Dr. Cruz can guide you in the right direction, thanks to his understanding and working knowledge of the many hospitals and specialists in the Orlando area. Dr. Cruz is also the official hospitalist for the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

What is the age range of the patients you work with?

Dr. Cruz performs hospitalist work for any patient 18 years and older.